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Match Schoolhouse offers a new kind of professional development for teachers, presented in an innovative digital format. Whether you're a teacher seeking to expand your knowledge or an administrator looking for an effective and engaging way to provide professional development, Match Schoolhouse courses offer a new path to amazing teaching.

Engaging Format

We've designed our courses to be short, with a mix of animated and real video, brief readings and fast-paced lectures - perfect for busy teachers.

Classroom Footage

We combine our lectures with snippets of exemplary classroom teaching to help visualize the ideas and practices we are sharing.

Easy to Implement

Our courses focus on strategies that will boost your teaching skills, pronto. We cut through jargon and focus on moves you can use in your classroom tomorrow.

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You’re an administrator, school leader or education organization searching for effective and adaptable professional development solutions for your team.

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With short online courses that you can take anytime, anyplace, Match Schoolhouse gives busy teachers a new way to boost their skills and content knowledge. Register as an individual or check out our Teams feature!

Ratio: All Students Thinking Hard Teaser Image

Ratio: All Students Thinking Hard


Explore instructional moves that will ensure your students - not you - are doing the mental heavy lifting in your classroom.

Proactive Classroom Management Teaser Image

Proactive Classroom Management


Discover "behind the scenes" proactive moves to help you head off challenging student behaviors and keep you classroom safe, productive, and on-task.

Responsive Classroom Management Teaser Image

Responsive Classroom Management


Learn how to respond to suboptimal student choices in ways that will keep learning on track and relationships positive in the classroom.

Effective Teacher Coaching Teaser Image

Effective Teacher Coaching


Whether you are an experienced school leader, an aspiring instructional coach, or give feedback to teachers in any capacity, this online course will help you maximize results and drive improvement through a systematic approach to teacher coaching.

Leading Rigorous Discussions Teaser Image

Leading Rigorous Discussions

Discussions are an essential tool in the ELA classroom, but effective classroom dialogue can be hard to pull off. This course will help you boost your ability to help students think and talk about what they are reading.

Backward Planning a Lesson Teaser Image

Backward Planning a Lesson

Lesson plans are not scripts; they are roadmaps that help teachers drive student learning. This course explores how good lesson plans mapped to learning goals can set the stage for real classroom learning.

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