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How it Works

Schoolhouse Teams allows administrators, school leaders, and education organizations to purchase multiple seats for each of our short, engaging professional development courses at a discounted price. Group purchases automatically generate a team, with the purchaser as the team leader. Team leaders can easily assign seats, send messages to team members, and oversee their team’s progress.

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Flexible Blended Learning

Match Schoolhouse courses let you facilitate group learning without coordinating and planning hours of PD time. Teachers have the flexibility to learn when they want, where they want, freeing up valuable time in team meetings for group discussion, practice and collaboration. In fact, Match Schoolhouse lets you flip professional learning, allowing teachers to learn essential content independently before engaging in practice and discussion we help you coordinate.

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Teachers in most schools have a wide range of backgrounds and experience levels, so why offer the same PD for all teachers? With Match Schoolhouse teams, you can differentiate professional learning in your school or district by having small teams of teachers select the courses that best match their needs and interests.

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Intuitive Platform

Match Schoolhouse was designed to create a simple, intuitive experience for school teams and administrators. When you purchase courses as a team, the team leader can invite teachers to participate, follow their progress, and post information and resources to supplement team learning.

Pick your courses and seats

We’ll adjust the price based on how many seats you purchase for each course. Team leaders get free access to each course they purchase!

Invite your team members

As the purchaser, you automatically become the team leader. Invite teachers to join your team from the admin page.

Support your team

You’ll be able to follow the progress of each team member, communicate and share resources along the way.

Team Pricing

Purchasing courses as a team results in a better experience for course takers, and it’s cheaper. The more seats you purchase, the better the deal.

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Each seat purchased is valid for one year. You can invite team members to start taking the course as soon as you like.

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